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The house is a two story, four bay, three room deep railroad era, national folk style duplex built c. 1880. The house was initially constructed with a simple side gable, covering the length of the first two rooms, but was historically followed by an early cross gable addition on the back, south side of the property.  Both the medium pitched side gable of the main block and cross gable of the addition are constructed with a common rafter and purlin wood frame system.

Although the exterior of the building was historically clad in wood shingles for a significant period of its existence, upon closer inspection, there is evidence of original horizontal clapboard as well as corner posts with decorative crown moldings.

The original side gable of the main block further distinguishes itself with extended eaves and a decorative crown molded boxed cornice. The full length of the primary, north facade of the building retained a shallow-pitched, hipped roof porch and had extended eaves and a less decorative boxed cornice.

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